What Are Dental Implant

What are Dental Implants?

According to the medical dictionary, an implant is “an inorganic material that’s inserted into the body “many parts of the body can be successfully replaced by implants. For example, there are eye implants, facial implants, breast implants, heart implants and dental implants.

One of the main reasons that all these implants work is that they are inorganic, and have never been a living tissue. 
A dental implant is a specially designed small cylinder screw made of a biologically compatible material extensively tested over several years called TITANIUM METAL.

Implants act as an anchor and can be used for replacing:
* a single tooth, 
* one or both ends of a bridge or 
* a full denture.

Dental implants have more than 25 years of continuous research, which has resulted in excellent technology that gives Our Clinic the peace of mind of over 95 percent success.

A study made by  Implant courses in Chennai proves that around 90% of Implants are successful when you in right hands like – https://www.malligaidental.com/

Your natural teeth

With good self-care and frequent dental checkups, you can keep your teeth in the best condition for as long a possible. 

However, when two or three teeth in a row are lost, or several teeth spread out intermittently through the entire jaw, a considerable amount of root support has been lost.

The fence is no shorter, but fewer posts comprise it.
The fence is not as before. More fence posts are needed to be added to increase overall strength. Similarly, weakened areas in the mouth need the aide of implants to replace missing root structures.

What about partial dentures?

Removable partial dentures are tooth supported or tooth and gum supported, space has been replaced or filled in, but the supporting teeth remain the same. In other words, the load has been increased on the remaining teeth. 

In the case of a partial denture that is both tooth and gum supported the areas where teeth are missing have been filled in the gum supported dentures.  If these areas are not refined, space develops under the denture. 

It is not bearing its fair share of the chewing load, and the remaining natural teeth are overworked. The teeth are over-loaded and under these conditions, the remaining teeth will undergo accelerated bone loss.

My tooth supporting bone

Nature has provided tooth supporting bone for the years when teeth are present. When teeth are lost, the tooth-supporting bone degenerates. Nature takes away what you do not use! The bone under gums “shrinks” and dentures get loose. 

Dental implants, when properly placed and maintained, provide excellent bone support so that the bone tends to be preserved since it is still being used.
With every tooth lost the amount of chewing efficiency. With every tooth lost the amount of chewing efficiency decreases depending on whether or not the teeth are replaced and how. Ultimately, if the all teeth are lost, you will have perhaps a 15 to 18 percent chewing efficiency (with good-fitting dentures on adequate bone ridges).

With implants and non-removable bridge work, you could obtain as high as a 95 percent efficiency.

Your first visit

We will perform a complete examination of your mouth including panoramic x-rays are necessary for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.
Also, we will verify your general health and if the needed, blood test and urinalysis. We’ll look for drug allergies and any chronic problem that could affect our implants. We want to be sure you are healthy and will heal properly.

We will inform you about dental implants from start to finish. You will know exactly what’s needed to replace your missing teeth and enable you to regain a normal life. 

Our implants will also help you to resolve pain and gagging from dentures and improve the symmetry and appearance of your face. Best Dentist in Chennai 


Are all implants successful?

Many variables must be considered to obtain successful implants. First, the patient must be healthy and possess adequate healing powers. An uncontrolled diabetic, for example, has less potential for healing, which could be a problem. 

Sometimes, in spite of the Implants may fail. If this happens the implant will be replaced by another one.

When an implant is functioning successfully, you should not be aware of its presence. You should have experiment no pain and be able to eat all kinds food without any difficulty. After we determined you are a suitable candidate for implants your chances will be excellent.


Will implants last a lifetime?

Every implant placed with the expectation it will endure for the patient’s life. But technology helps in proving that.



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